Is ADHD Causing Disrespectful, Obnoxious Behavior in Your Child? Here's How to Regain Control of Your Child, Your Family & Your Life.

A Parent’s Program for Managing Challenging Behaviors in Children

Are you struggling with a child who is disrespectful, obnoxious, or even abusive toward you? Is homework a never-ending nightly battle? Does your child blame everyone else, or even ADHD, for problems at school? Do you find yourself "walking on eggshells" around your child, trying to avoid saying something that will set him or her off? Have you tried ADD or ADHD medication, therapy, supplements, special diets, yet the problem behaviors remain?

All children behave badly from time to time. But in children with hyperactivity and attention disorders, basic expectations become difficult problems they don't know how to solve. So kids with ADD or ADHD often experience extreme anger, frustration and impulsive behaviors that can be severe and destructive.

Fortunately, we’ve seen that when parents use the right tools, they can fix their child’s ADHD or ADD behavior issues—quickly and dramatically.

James and Janet Lehman: Practical Solutions to Child Behavior Problems from 30 Years of Hands–On Experience

James Lehman, MSW Child Behavior Therapist
James Lehman had a very personal understanding of kids with behavior problems. He displayed severe opposi–
tional, defiant behaviors as a child and teenager, and became a Behavioral Thera–
pist specializing in helping troubled children, teens and their families for 30 years.
Janet Lehman, MSW Child Behavior Therapist
Janet Lehman has over three decades of clinical experience working with out–of–control children and teens and their parents. Working in group homes and residential treatment centers, Janet helped children with serious behavioral disorders learn to get their behavior under control.

The Total Transformation Programs

We Know the Frustration, Fear, Isolation,
and Exhaustion You are Feeling as a Parent

Raising kids with ADD or ADHD is one of the toughest of all parenting challenges. We know the frustration, fear, isolation and exhaustion you're feeling as a parent because we've worked with hundreds of parents just like you.

Parents of kids with behavior problems feel like they’re trapped in little prisons with no way out.

And no matter how hard they try, they can’t escape the endless arguments and ceaseless hostility from their child.

No one knows a defiant child better than someone who behaved the same way as a kid. That’s why The Total Transformation® Program can teach you how to turn your child’s ADHD or ADD behavior challenges around—now.

They Say Your Child "Needs Structure."
But How? We’ll Show You How

If you are parenting a difficult child, you’ve heard this statement a thousand times: "This child needs structure."

But what is that exactly? And how do you put it in place in your home?

This is precisely where The Total Transformation® can change your life.

This powerful program will teach you simple, step–by–step techniques you can use to put structures in place that will help your child solve his or her problems without resorting to bullying, conflict, and impulsive or even abusive behavior.

Here’s a look at some of the things you’ll learn:
  • How to Stop Arguing With Your Child
    This is a powerful technique parents love because it pulls the plug on any argument with your child. You'll be stunned at how quickly it works—even if you have an attention-disordered, hyperactive child who argues non-stop over everything.
  • The 10 Words to Say When He Gets Mouthy
    The technique that puts the brakes on "back talk" and cursing immediately…no matter how nasty your child gets.
  • How to Eliminate "Acting Out" in Public
    If your son or daughter acts out even more when his or her friends are around, this strategy is something you need to know!
  • Stopping the "Blame Game"—For GOOD
    We’ll give you a word–by–word script to use with your child to get him to take responsibility for his own behavior and stop blaming you and others.
  • Consequences 101
    How to give them, which ones work and which ones don’t, including specific consequences for kids in all age groups.
  • Preventing Future Issues—Before They Even Start!
    Instead of talking back, screaming or blaming you, your child will now have a way to solve his problems that gets him better results and better reactions from teachers and other adults.

The Total Transformation Programs

What’s the Secret? It’s Not About Self–Esteem…
It’s About Problem Solving

Like many parents of kids with ADHD-related behavior problems, you may have been in family therapy with your child.

And you’ve probably come out wondering why it’s still so difficult to get your child’s behavior to change, especially after you’ve spent all that time and money!

The problem here is simple…

Traditional counseling and therapy for ADHD and child behavior problems focus on getting a child to talk about his "feelings" and building his self–esteem to change his behavior.

There’s a better way. Parents need tools they can use at home once the child comes out of that office and faces day–to–day, real–world challenges.

The bottom line is that behaviorally troubled kids lack the skills to solve the problems they encounter every day—and this is precisely what The Total Transformation® gives you!

You’ll Know Precisely What to Do and What to Say to Your Child
in the Moment to Put the Brakes on Bad Behavior

Many kids with ADD/ADHD lack the skills to solve the problems they encounter every day, and are quickly and easily frustrated because of it. The Total Transformation® teaches you how to give your child more effective ways to solve his problems than fighting, screaming, annoying and defiance.

Your son or daughter will learn a simple system that will enable him or her to handle problems appropriately, without acting out. The Total Transformation® is a system that gets your child…and you…better results. The program has been a lifesaver for many parents of children and teens with ADHD, helping them control impulsive behaviors.

The Total Transformation® was created for parents like you who need help in the moment with kids who overwhelm them with defiance and bad behavior.

The reaction to this program by parents has been overwhelming. See for yourself:


My 8–year–old son was diagnosed with Oppositional Defiant Disorder and ADHD. He was stealing, lying and had temper tantrums when he didn’t get his own way. You have really turned my kid around. Within the first month we noticed a major change.* All of a sudden, there was this total transformation. He realized this behavior wasn’t worth it anymore. Now he pretty much has a good day every day. He does his work. He gets full privileges at home. I encourage other parents to try it because it really does work.

Shawna P.
Calgary, Alberta Canada

*Individual results will vary.


Both of our kids have ADHD, bi-polar and depression issues. They were exhibiting extremely defiant, obnoxious and disrespectful behavior and were running the show. We were unbelievably frustrated, unbelievably tired. We'd gone through years of seeing psychiatrists—they dealt with the kids, but didn't teach us parenting techniques. It wasn't until I heard James Lehman's tapes that I had exact words to say in situations we face on a daily basis. We've only had the tapes for about three weeks, but already my husband and I are feeling better and the kids are starting to respond.* All this time, we kept looking at ourselves as really bad parents, but we weren't. We just weren't trained for dealing with challenging children. The program is so fundamentally common sense, easy to use, and easy to fit into a crazy, stressed lifestyle. It has had a profound impact in a short period of time and is the best money I've spent in seven years in dealing with my kids

Deborah K.
McLean, VA

*Individual results will vary.

We’ve seen these techniques work time and time again with even the most troubled children, and we are absolutely confident that this step–by–step program can bring success to your family, too.

You CAN change your child’s behavior and improve your life as a parent. To help, we’re offering 40% off James Lehman’s best-selling Total Transformation Program – that’s a $132 discount!

Just pay $195 plus any applicable sales tax, and shipping is FREE. If for any reason you're not satisfied, return your program for a full refund with our 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

The Total Transformation Programs

James Lehman understood what makes defiant kids tick because he had severe behavior problems as a kid.

The techniques you’ll find inside The Total Transformation® Program are precisely what turned him around. They’re the tools he used for 30 years to get kids, including those with ADHD and ADD, to listen, behave and act responsibly at home and at school.

You don’t need a psychology degree to use The Total Transformation®. This is a straight–talk, plain English program for parents. There’s no psychobabble or highbrow theory.

We’ll teach you exactly what to say and do to stop the arguments and get through to your child, no matter how resistant he is to you. No matter how difficult the behavior has become at home and at school.

The Total Transformation® is not a substitute for medication or professional care, or a cure for any disorder or condition. Never discontinue a child’s medication without consulting a qualified professional.

The Total Transformation® is a program for you—the parent—to give you the knowledge and tools you need to be more effective in parenting a defiant child with impulsive behavior. It gives you parenting techniques that will help you immediately make changes in your home.

Parents Say They’d Tried Everything—Pleading, Negotiating,
Yelling, Even Therapy and NOTHING Had Worked…Until This

Parents who use The Total Transformation® say they’ve tried everything—pleading, negotiating, screaming, even therapy—and nothing had worked.

The one thing they hadn’t tried was The Total Transformation®… and, finally, the defiance stopped.


My 17 year old has ADHD and has had numerous escapades and problems. A psychiatrist wasn't helping and I just didn't know how I was going to be able to bring this kid around. My self-esteem and confidence in trying to raise my children properly was so depleted. I thought I was a complete and total failure. My dad bought The Total Transformation for me—that was a real gift. I love James Lehman's style. He has a lot of wisdom and provides practical measures, not just some high falootin theory. In the short period of time we've had it, it has rebuilt my self-confidence as a parent and my kid has finally turned a corner. There is definitely hope. I wish I'd had it ten years earlier.

Reverend Hal S.
Erie, PA


I devoured The Total Transformation Program immediately because my husband and I really needed help. I thought I could handle any problem. But that all went out the window when I had a son with ADHD and Tourette's Syndrome. His hyperactivity comes in the form of explosive, impulsive behavior when he gets frustrated, like throwing the television across the room or bursting out in anger because he's upset about something. We went the whole gamut—psychologist, psychiatrist, neurologist, behavioral studies. I felt I was just throwing money away. The Total Transformation Program gives you back control and lets you know you're not nuts, you're not alone. It brings back order to your home and it stops the yelling, screaming and fighting. I would recommend the program because the parent needs to understand that many of the troubles don't lie with the child, they lie with the parent and how the parent is dealing with the child. I'm just so grateful to God that I got this program.

Renee J.
Sparkill, NY


After The Total Transformation®, my son and I want to be around each other. Now when I ask him to do something he does it. There’s no more arguing, no more lecturing and no more back talking. I am totally shocked at the results. If it can do 25 percent of what it’s claiming, it will be a success, and it’s done 100% of what it’s claimed for me.

Ed M.
Chandler, AZ

The Total Transformation Programs

Say Goodbye to Arguing, Stress and Conflict and Restore Peace and Sanity into Your Home

A child with ADD or ADHD can turn your home into a war zone where there is no peace.

The Total Transformation® teaches you how to restore the peace and sanity in your home and stop the screaming and arguing.

In Day One of this step–by–step program, you’ll learn a whole new way to get your child to cooperate and comply, without having to raise your voice—ever.

• NO MORE getting sucked into pointless, never–ending arguments with your kid.
• NO MORE senseless power struggles with an 8–year–old or a 15–year–old.
• NO MORE negotiating and pleading to get your child to pay attention and respond to simple requests.
• NO MORE feeling powerless and wrung out because nothing you say to your kid gets through.

Now, when you talk, your child will listen and respond appropriately.

Don’t Let Another Day Go By Being a Hostage in Your Own Home—Get Back in Control of Your Family Now!

Who’s really in charge at your home?

If you are trying to parent a child with impulsive, explosive ADHD behavior, you know how their problems affect everyone and everything in your home, from siblings to your relationship with your spouse.

It’s time to put you back in control of your home, and getting that control is simpler than you think.

The Total Transformation® will give you back the respect you deserve and the authority your children actually need from you.

The Best Way to See How it Works is to Try it – Click Here Now

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Have you ever had a therapist give you an offer like that? We will, because we are so confident that the secrets you’ll find inside this program will turn your defiant child around and restore peace and sanity to your home!

So we urge you—give yourself the chance to rediscover the joys of being a parent again. Get in on this Limited-Time Offer today and stop the bad behavior…for good.

The Total Transformation Programs

PS: If you don’t try this program, what will you do to change your child’s behavior? Are you hoping it will change on its own?

Behavior problems stemming from ADD/ADHD do NOT change without an intervention like the one we're giving you here. Inside The Total Transformation®, we'll give you all the tools you need to improve your child's behavior.

Plus … if you get in on this exclusive offer now, you’ll also receive a FREE Bonus CD: 10 Ways to Turn Around Your Child’s Attitude in One Minute or Less. So don’t delay!

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"Before I met James, I was an angry person. I used to get out of control a lot. Almost every day after school, my sister and I would come home and fight and argue. There'd be verbal and physical abuse.
Now, me and my sister, we're like best friends. We talk. We don't fight and argue and call each other names. There's no more physical or verbal abuse. We just get along.
James Lehman has helped me in so many ways, my life is real strong and steady. There's no doubt, I'm on my way.”

—John M.

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The Total Transformation
Program is a recent winner of the PTPA Media, Parent Tested, Parent Approved Award
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The Total Transformation is published and backed by Legacy Publishing Company, a Better Business Bureau accredited business.

Child Behavior Problems?

James Lehman believed that child behavior problems are not a “phase,” and that kids don’t “grow out of them.” The Total Transformation is a hands-on behavior modification parenting program that teaches you how to change your child’s thinking to change his behavior.


Recent Reviews of The Total Transformation Program

5 Rating
Review by : JaneHupp

Your program was invaluable in helping us guide our troubled teenager through her problems. I really wish we had had that information when our older children were growing!

5 Rating
Review by : Been There

Total Transformation cut through five frustrating years of diagnoses, medications, and behavior therapy. Our preteen daughter was diagnosed as bipolar, then ADD, then ODD, given a long list of medicines to try, but we never got a plan of how to actually help her at home. It seemed we only spent time in the psychologist's office discussing how difficult it was, but no plan of action. Total Transformation gave us action items, a plan, and support. We implemented consequences, discovered her real issue is with problem-solving, and we learned it is OK to abort a fight with our daughter! The change is slow but sure, and we no longer feel anxious about how to handle her outbursts and tantrums. Highly recommend this program to any parent who is feeling hopeless about their child's behavior!

5 Rating
Review by : Tracy Y.

The Total Transformation Program is simple, powerful and effective. We have been using it for 4 months and are delighted with the results. I hesitated at first, finally just did it and have been smiling since.

"The results from using The Total Transformation were almost immediate. Our home life has changed dramatically because of The Total Transformation.
Our counseling bills were—we were paying $75 a session and we were going once a week for about two and a half years. If you do the math, by comparison, The Total Transformation is a dramatic bargain."

—Geraldine L.

"Before using the Total Transformation program, there was no communication. The only communication was yelling and screaming and unkind words. After implementing the Total Transformation program, we can actually talk.
I think she’s hearing me a lot more now. Whereas before she was tuning me out. And I think that she’s able to hear me more because I’m screaming less.
And what was also a relief is that he wasn’t talking me down and saying you’re a bad mom because you’re screaming. You didn’t get any of that. It was none of that. He was just saying you know what it’s not effective, it’s not working. Let me give you something that’s going to work for you. And that was what was so phenomenal for me.”

—Gheri M.

"I got the package. And I think within 30 seconds of the opening, I said to myself this is one of the best investments I've ever made. The Total Transformation is result-oriented. No discussion. No lecturing. No explanation. Focus on the behavior. And it worked! That's what made me a believer. There was more value in the couple of hours of tapes that I bought from The Total Transformation, frankly, than ten thousand dollars worth of counseling or shrinks. If someone were to ask me what was the single adjective or the single description that would encapsulate my reward from working with The Total Transformation, I would say there's lots more peace in the house. And that is priceless."

—Mark L.