Parental Support Line

You’re not alone.
Professional help is a phone call away.

Introductory Offer: Only $1 for
30 Days of Full Access*

The Total Transformation Parental Support Line:

  • Provides guidance and advice on implementing the program.
  • Staffed by specialists who are highly trained and experienced with The Total Transformation Program.
  • Offers you one–on–one, personalized help in using the program’s tools and techniques with your child.
  • We’ll be with you every step of the way.

You’ll have full access to our team of Total Transformation Parental Support Specialists who are available to:

  • Answer any questions you have as you go through The Total Transformation Program.
  • Provide specific program tips to help you get the best results.
  • Guide you when a hard–to–handle situation comes up and you need extra help.
  • Give you someone to talk to who understands what you’re going through.
  • Provide encouragement and reassurance during difficult times.

Call TOLL FREE – as often as you’d like (Mon–Fri, 9am to 5:30pm EST) *After hours support available by appointment

*Your first 30 days of access are only $1, billed to the same credit card you used to purchase The Total Transformation Program. Ongoing access is just $49 a month, automatically billed to your credit card each month. Remember, you may discontinue your Parental Support Line access at any time simply by calling our customer service center at 1-800-258-4315.

Here’s what parents have to say
about the Parental Support Line:

The Parental Support Line has been excellent. The people are very empathetic and caring, know what they’re talking about, and are well trained. They really seem to care about what they’re doing and what we’re going through. It’s not a job to them. It has been an excellent part of the program—having live feedback. It’s the next best thing to bouncing an idea off James.
Rodney D.

The Parental Support Line has given me a feeling of hope. There’s somebody out there that I can reach immediately with questions. I know that they understand where I’m coming from.
Thirza O.

The Parental Support Line helped me. One of the first things I did was just call up to say—I want to know how this works. Tell me how you guys can help me with The Total Transformation? They were very intelligent, really motivated people. You can tell they really believe in the program.
Kathy V.

The parental support program help line has worked wonderfully for me mostly because I needed reassurance. If I’d had a particularly bad day or felt like nothing had worked, I needed to hear someone else’s voice saying “Yes, that is what this program is about, that is the principle, that is how you need to do it and continue on with that, you are doing the right thing.”
Tricia A.

The parental support helped enormously, especially when you’re worn down. You talk to people, actually tell them how it really is in your house. I don’t have to pretend; I don’t have to make it sound good. There’s no judging. The parental support line was there for me when I needed somebody to be there for me, so that I could be there for my son.
Leslie L.